Meet Giota

Hello and welcome to Sili Home Co! I am so glad you have made it this far into my website and are taking the time to get to know my story.

My name is Giota, 25 years old and a mum to a fur baby, Bernie, and our daughter Alessandra. I was born and raised in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne but my dream is to one day live by the beach because…well... who doesn’t love the beach!



Why Sili Home Co?

Sili Home Co. came about from my passion for cooking and all things toxic free! I absolutely love being in the kitchen and cooking delicious meals for my family and friends, but it is really important to me for the food I cook to be organic and toxic free. 

This is why I have created our beautiful Sili Home Co. range and I am so excited to share our range of products with you all that will not only ensure a safe and non-toxic environment in your kitchen and around your home but also add a splash of colour to inspire you!

Thank you so much for your support and I cannot wait to take you all along this journey with me.

Giota xx